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Female Genital

Labiaplasty In Bangalore

Labiaplasty is one of the surgical technologies for vaginal rejuvenation. The vagina can be redesigned and sagging labia can be corrected. Labiaplasty is the technique to reduce the size of the labia i.e. the skin flaps on the vaginal opening. Labia like the other parts of the body also wrinkles and droops with age. Labiaplasty is profoundly practiced for congenital abnormalities though the fact shows women undergo labiaplasty purely for cosmetic reasons.

It is quite natural for women to have folded skins on the vagina that may not cause any problem. Labiaplasty is generally done when someone wishes to change the appearance of their vaginal lips in a certain way.

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Hymenoplasty in Bangalore

Hymen reconstruction surgery also known as hymenoplasty, hymenorraphy is the surgical restoration of torn hymen. There are many causes for torn hymen, sexual intercourse being the most common one. The other rare causes are sexual abuse, rape ,tampon use or vigourous exercise.

Women seek hymenoplasty for cultural reasons, most common reason being that an intact hymen and bleed after the first intercourse after marraiage is considered as a sign of virginity. Other women consider hymenoplasty along with vaginal rejuvenation as a revirginization gift to their partner.

In this procedure, the torn hymenal tags are sutured in layers to restore their original form.To the visible... Read More


Very happy with the consultation and surgery for gynecomastia done by Dr Sandhya. Very understanding and great doctor. Thanks!!!


"From the very beginning of my adolescence when I remember I had the problem of big Brests.. And after having two kids and putting on a little weight became even verse.. With weight I use to get frequent shoulder pain.. And I always use to be very conscious about it while buying dresses and all.. I was looking for a female plastic surgeon. And...


"I had breast reduction surgery by Dr sandhya in Columbia Asia hospital Whitefield. During the first consultation itself she made me feel very comfortable. Her treatment, interaction and explanation about the problem were awesome., Immediately i have decided to go with her itself.

She took personal care about each and every aspect of the...

Mrs. Rupa

"After two pregnancies my stomach wasn't as flat as it used to be. I was about 147 lbs., 5'8" and fit from working out, but the abs were just there. I was comfortable in a size 10 but nothing to get excited about. People couldn't believe I had 2 kids and I was still considered skinny but I wanted my flat stomach back. The extra skin under my...


"From childhood onward i was not a lean personality. i tired a lot to reduce fat on my body. whenever i keep on trying fat was accumulated on only one party of my body.

it looks odd on my that time i used to know about liposuction. i did research a lot and met Dr Sandhya about this and finally i decided to go through lipo in 2011...

Ms Vaani

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