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Otoplasty or Ear Surgery in Bangalore

Otoplasty is the medical name of the surgery performed to improve the shape and deformities of the ears. Whether the defect is since birth or caused by an injury, all ear deformities can be corrected by otoplasty. Even a small surgery correction can make a profound difference to the total appearance.

Cosmetic deformities can cause immense psychological effect on the individual lowering his self esteem. Usually prominent ears stand out at an angle of more than 35%. Overdevelopment or underdevelopment of cartilage in the pinna or outer ear can also lead to protruding ears.

What... Read More

Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) or Periorbital Rejuvenation (Brow Lift Surgery) in Bangalore

Excess fats and skin around your eyes always makes you look tired, aged and sick or worse so, can cause vision impairment. This happens over age as the muscles supporting the eyelids stretch and makes them lose their elasticity.

Eyes are one of the first facial features to display signs of aging; however, people generally opt for eyelid surgery after 35years of age. Eyelid surgery can restore the eyelid contour and also eliminate the risk of vision problems. Though blepharoplasty is by and large done for cosmetic reasons, it also helps to improve vision where upper eyelids cause... Read More

Dimple Creation Bangalore

Dimples occur in cheeks or chin and are caused by a defect in the muscle (usually the buccinator muscle) allowing the overlying skin to indent when the muscle contracts. Natural dimples are usually vertical and appear on both cheeks.

If you wish to have dimples when you smile, they can be created with a minor surgery and often stay there for life.The size and site of the dimple can be discussed with Dr. Sandhya during consultation who would brief you on the final output upon evaluation.


Dimple creation surgery can be done on everyone though too chubby or... Read More

Scar Revision Bangalore

Wounds and certain health problems often leave scars on our face and body. Scars can lower our confidence as it directly affects our appearance especially if they are very prominent and unsightly noticeable.

Scars are caused if the wound has affected multiple layers of our skin. Scar revision surgery helps to minimize these scars by toning it to the surrounding skin colour and texture. To be realistic, a scar cannot be completely removed but it can be recessed to a great extent through scar revision procedures giving you a pleasant look.

Treatment is based on the type and... Read More

Chin Augmentation in Bangalore

Chin augmentation surgery ,also known as genioplasty or mentoplasty, are designed to recontour your chin proportionate to your facial structure. This surgery can be performed either by using an biocompatible implant or by cutting the bone and advancing it. It is performed either by itself or in conjuction with rhinoplasty or facelift surgery to balance the facial profile. If you are considering to have a chin augmentation for a small/ weak chin, your cosmetic surgeon will evaluate your facial proportions to determine if would benefit from an implant or a bone advancement surgery.

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Rhinoplasty Bangalore

Nose is one of the most prominent features of our face. A good shaped nose certainly enhances our look and good looks boosts our confidence. Rhinoplasty, commonly known as nose job is a cosmetic procedure to reshape the nose which enhances the facial harmony and balance. It also corrects impaired breathing problems caused by structural defects of the nose. Rhinoplasty addresses many aspects of nose and underlying structure including:

  • Nasal symmetry or readjustment of nose size for facial balance and pleasant look
  • Dorsal hump reduction or Increasing the height of nose... Read More
Face Lift Surgery Bangalore

A facelift is a surgical procedure aimed to make one look young and fresh. Skin’s age and youthfulness is dependent on genetic,hereditary , environmental factors, gravity and stress. Facelift procedures reverse all those visible signs of aging around the face and neck..

The most prominent visible signs of aging are:

  • Sagging of facial skin
  • Deep laugh lines along the nose to the mouth
  • Creases around eyes specially below the lower eyelids, tear trough below the eyes.
  • Loose skin around chin and jaws that creates jowls.
  • Loss of fat or... Read More
Botox and Fillers Treatment Bangalore

Age takes its toll on our body and face. Facial movements and external exposure impact the facial tissues causing facial lines to become deeper with age. Botox or filler injections can be used to reverse the aging signs and look youthful. These treatments prevent the facial muscles from contracting and relax wrinkles and undesirable lines.

Botox or Botulinum toxin type A paralyzes the relevant muscles temporarily. It is made of purified material derived from bacteria. The injection blocks nerve signals, weakening muscle and not letting them to contract. Botox helps to remove... Read More


Very happy with the consultation and surgery for gynecomastia done by Dr Sandhya. Very understanding and great doctor. Thanks!!!


"From the very beginning of my adolescence when I remember I had the problem of big Brests.. And after having two kids and putting on a little weight became even verse.. With weight I use to get frequent shoulder pain.. And I always use to be very conscious about it while buying dresses and all.. I was looking for a female plastic surgeon. And...


"I had breast reduction surgery by Dr sandhya in Columbia Asia hospital Whitefield. During the first consultation itself she made me feel very comfortable. Her treatment, interaction and explanation about the problem were awesome., Immediately i have decided to go with her itself.

She took personal care about each and every aspect of the...

Mrs. Rupa

"After two pregnancies my stomach wasn't as flat as it used to be. I was about 147 lbs., 5'8" and fit from working out, but the abs were just there. I was comfortable in a size 10 but nothing to get excited about. People couldn't believe I had 2 kids and I was still considered skinny but I wanted my flat stomach back. The extra skin under my...


"From childhood onward i was not a lean personality. i tired a lot to reduce fat on my body. whenever i keep on trying fat was accumulated on only one party of my body.

it looks odd on my that time i used to know about liposuction. i did research a lot and met Dr Sandhya about this and finally i decided to go through lipo in 2011...

Ms Vaani

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